PEM Companion

PEM Companion 2.0

Solves the problem of password management, securing data and information as well as communications.

Solves the problem of password management, securing data and information as well as communications.

Password management: generates, stores, deletes, modifies and retains all previous versions of the passwords

Securing information: encrypts private messages and files

Securing communications: encrypts messages and files when communicating with partners

Permanent deletion of certain files on disk

Self-destruct ALL DATA (of this application) in case of hacker attempts to guess your master password.

New in PEM Companion version 2.0

1) The Master Password and HighSecurity Password can be modified in the free version

2) In order to modify and record new passwords a key must be purchased from inside the PEM app (mobile version)

3) Random passwords can be generated faster without the need to open the app (via the introduction of the Master Password)

4) Installing process of "Unlimited Strength Jurisdiction Policy" is made easier

Password management :

- Users can generate passwords creating and using their desired alphabet

- Creates strong and unique, non-guessable passwords.

- Passwords can vary between 4 and 32 characters in length.

- It remains the user’s choice whether the passwords contain digits, lowercase/uppercase letters and/or symbols

- It is user-friendly. It creates new passwords and facilitates their replacement on any given website by “keeping” the previous passwords

- Protects personal passwords WITHOUT STORING THEM (passwords are never saved/archived anywhere) in the software, on the device or in a cloud. Therefore, should your device get stolen, the information remains protected.

- Offers the possibility to eliminate some symbols from the password.

Securing the information:

- Each message or file can be encrypted with its own unique key, which can be set as normal or very important.

Securing communications:

- Communications are secured “end-to-end”, thus transmission can be made even on ins

The passwords are not archived anywhere.

The passwords can be generated using any alphabet.

Every personal message and file is encrypted with its own key. These keys are also not archived.

Every message and file used for communications is encrypted with a one-time key.

PEM Companion


PEM Companion 2.0

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